Arduino - Weather Station

(Disabled with historical data still accessible on the database)  

Location: Latitude 41° 52' N - Longitude 12° 12' E

Based on Arduino microcontroller with an Ethernet shield and the following sensors:

1. Anemometer, wind direction and rain gauge - Argent Data Systems p/n 80422
2. Humidity sensor - HIH-4030
3. Barometric Pressure sensor - BMP085
4. Temperature sensor - Phidgets p/n 1124

Picture 1 (First prototype, Arduino Duemilanove with ethernet shield, weather sensors and display)

Picture 2 (Base with Arduino Uno, ethernet shield, Xbee PRO radio module and display)

Picture 3 (Outdoor Arduino - Ardweeny - with weather sensors and Xbee radio module)

Picture 4 (Anemometer, wind direction and raing gauge - Argent Data Systems p/n 80422)