Arduino - Weather Station

(Disabled with historical data still accessible on the database)  

Location: Latitude 41° 52' N - Longitude 12° 12' E

Based on Arduino microcontroller with an Ethernet shield and the following sensors:

1. Anemometer, wind direction and rain gauge - Argent Data Systems p/n 80422
2. Humidity sensor - HIH-4030
3. Barometric Pressure sensor - BMP085
4. Temperature sensor - Phidgets p/n 1124

Picture 1 (First prototype, Arduino Duemilanove with ethernet shield, weather sensors and display)

Picture 2 (Base with Arduino Uno, ethernet shield, Xbee PRO radio module and display)

Arduino - Home Sensors


  1. Temperature (temp) C°
  2. Relative Humidity (rh) %
  3. Air quality (airq), carbon monoxide and other toxix gases, airq at 50 means good air condition, airq over 400 high pollution air
  4. Relay with timer for the home heating control
  5. Button for relay open/close
  6. RGB Led - Green Led (open relay and good air), Red Led (closed relay), Blu Led with airq over 100, then brighter when airq increases more.
  7. Buzzer, gets on with air pollution when airq goes over 200, buzzer gets stronger when airq is over 400
  8. WiFi connection for remote management and supervision using TCP port 333 and command line with password
  9. Case done with FreeCAD e s3D printer

Part description and details: